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We bring together cutting-edge technology, innovative software, and expert training to help businesses achieve maximum efficiency and profitability in their machining operations.

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Our all-in-one MetalMAX kits are versatile metalworking kits designed for professionals, they include a range of high-quality tools and accessories that can be bundled with or without software.

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Designed to increase efficiency and productivity, our software uses advanced algorithms to optimize machining processes in real-time, reducing cycle times and increasing throughput.

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We offer our clients a variety of CNC machining parts and accessories, from hammers with extension to mini-hammer cables and low sensitivity accelerometers.

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The MetalMAX™ Advantage

The MetalMAX™ family of products has been in continuous development for over 30 years. This proven technology has appeared in countless trade journals (Modern Machine Shop, Cutting Tool Engineering), trade shows (IMTS, AmeriMold), and published academic research.

​MetalMAX™ is a necessity for manufacturers that want to optimize their machining performance and significantly reduce setup times. To be used effectively, it should be integrated into your standard process plan for machining. To get the most benefit from MetalMAX™ it should be the first technology used during your machining process.

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The MetalMAX™ family of products are used by the military, aerospace, medical, transportation, and consumer product industries. Get in touch with us to learn how we can optimize your machining performance and significantly reduce setup times.

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We offer a variety of courses ranging across the gamut of high-performance machining in different learning formats, as well as project consulting, to ensure you experience the greatest benefits from our product offerings.

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