Eliminate Costly Trial & Error and Iterations between programming and setup.


  • Program with certainty knowing that you have the best chosen parameters
  • Select machine, holders and cutting tools based on science instead of speculation.
  • Have confidence that your FIRST part will be your BEST part
  • Increase machine utilization by eliminating the frustrating process of tweaking programs.

Does your CNC Programmer know what the BEST machining parameters are for every new job? ​99% of them don't because they are not provided with the information they need.

​Without MetalMax, based on experience or feedback from the CNC Setup personnel, CNC programmers will eventually find something that works. But how long does it take them to find acceptable parameters? And are the they best?

​With MetalMax, the CNC Programmer will know the exact parameters that will provide the best machining performance BEFORE the first part is cut.


SPEED (RPM) is the most critical machining parameter. It has the greatest effect on feed rate, cutting time, tool life and surface finish.

Speed is the #1 factor that determines machining performance. Knowing the best speeds will help increase feed rates, depth of cut and width of cut. A good cutting speed will also provide a better surface finish and increase tool life, spindle life, and material removal rates (MRR). 

Cutting Speed (SFM) = (Spindle Speed (RPM) * π * Cutter Diameter))/12

Feed Rate (IPM) = Spindle Speed (RPM) * # of teeth * feed per tooth

Cutting Time = (Material Cut Volume) / ((Spindle Speed (RPM) * feed per tooth * Cutting Edges * Depth of Cut * Width of Cut)

Tool Life = Constant/(Depth of Cut * Feed rate (IPM) * (Spindle Speed (RPM) * π * Cutter Diameter / 12)


In order to know the machining dynamics of your machining system, data must be collected for each unique machine-holder-cutting tool combination (machining system). This upfront process of 'tap testing' takes about 5 minutes to complete for each tool. Although, this process only needs to be completed ONCE. After the data is collected and stored, it can be used over and over again. A simple explanation of the current & new processes is as follows: (click bullets to expand)

On every new job, data must be collected. The more data that is collected, the more knowledge ​ you will have to optimize your process. The new process simply adds one more piece of information ​ (dynamic flexibility) to collect with the MetalMax Solution.

This process will remain the same but with the additional MetalMax data, you will be able to determine​ the best machining system (machine-holder-cutting tool combination) for each job.

This is the same process but you will now have information that will let you determine the best​ machining parameters.

The time required for this process will significantly decrease. With MetalMax, the machining ​ parameters are chosen with certainty by the NC Programmer. Rarely will the CNC Setup person ​ need to adjust the machining parameters. In the rare case of setup issues, a 5 minute MetalMax ​ solution exists on all iPhone, Android, or Windows computers that will fix it.

Due to the optimized machining parameters (feed, speed, depth of cut, width of cut) ,​ the production cycle time will significantly decrease. Additionally, better tool life and surface​ finish can be expected.

MetalMax, a small-time investment at the beginning of your process will pay large dividends at the end of the process.

​With The data collection process only needs to occur ONCE for each machining system. After you develop your library of machining systems, you can count on PREDICTABLE, REPEATABLE, and CERTAIN machining processes that will deliver the highest quality.