Training Programs

HPMA: High Performance Machining of Aluminum/Aerostructures

Our flagship course covers all aspects of high-performance machining of light alloys, specifically Aluminum, that is most susceptible to chatter and other vibration issues.

A general overview of state-of-the-art cutting technologies for high performance (HP) machining of aluminum is first covered. Once the basics and common ground are established by standard references provided for the class to pursue on their own the focus is on understanding the dynamic behavior of machining systems and how they influence cutting performance. Dynamic behavior is unique to every setup of machine, spindle, holder, cutting tool and workpiece and therefore needs to be considered independently of other machining technologies. Stability theory and dynamic behavior of cutting is presented. Cutting theory, frequency response and machine monitoring is presented with emphasis of predictive, diagnostic and corrective actions to vibration problems and improvements of poor quality of the machined part, e.g., bad surface finish or machining errors both dynamic and static. Complete coverage of dynamic behavior of tool and work piece will provide the student with a comprehensive and time-proven approach to maximizing the benefits of high-performance aluminum machining.

Training Format Options

​We offer 4 different training options to help you become proficient with our solutions.

Your Facility

​Our most popular delivery option is onsite training at your facility. When training at your facility, we can use your machines, holders, cutting tools, and workpieces. By training with your equipment and processes, the technology implementation is well understood quickly.

Our Facility

Many companies like to receive their training offsite where they can stay focused on learning without interruption. Our training site in Chicago, Illinois is centrally located to accommodate all domestic or international clients.

Web-Based Remote

Our most cost-effective option, remote training is used when it is difficult to spend large blocks of time in training or when travel is too costly. Our web-based training will incorporate live video and screenshare technology to ensure the learning experience is effective and efficient.

Project Consulting

We will address a specific problem or initiative of yours. Companies choose this when they first want to understand how the tech will be utilized in their facility and the anticipated results. Often chosen as a first step towards full MetalMAX implementation to help companies start with a 'pilot' project.